I just called to say, your tech was out here and installed my unit recently, and I just had to call to say he did a fantastic job. I wanted it passed onto the boss, what a great job he did!!!

Very pleased customer.

Professional Water Treatment and Service Provider



SimplyPure Water,

              We simply love our water system.

                               S. Fleisher

                    Happy in Mifflintown Pa .

Dear Mark,

​      My husband and I would like to start by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My husband suffered for years and had you not discovered that our water quality was horrid, he may still be.

Health benefits are his greatest love of our system. For me it is the cleaning with ease and peace of mind knowing we have great water now.

I ask everyone I know, Hows your water ?

MOST have no idea and I tell them you never will till you call SIMPLY PURE WATER.


          Scott & Linda Wycott

Simply Pure Water,

         I want to thank you for your services. We have been planning on  getting a filtration system for awhile, but kept putting it off until Jon came to the door one day and showed us how it would benefit us.

During the demonstration I showed Jon the bathroom sink, which had a slow leak which caused horrible brown/green staining from our well water.I have used EVERYTHING to clean it, chemicals ,scrub pads, letting it soak in bleach. 

Nothing worked.

Just then, Jon sprayed the processed water and took a scrubby and I was amazed. The stain was coming off, it looked like a new sink again.

Since installed, our water taste amazing and I use less coffee grounds to make coffee and the laundry feels and smells so much cleaner and I am using less detergent. When I take the laundry out of the washer they don't have that soapy feel anymore. I also feel our water pressure has increased.

My favorite thing is my hair feels much softer.

These our just a few things I've noticed right away. I'm sure I will continue to see improvements in the weeks and months to come. I've already recommended Simply Pure Water to all of my friends on facebook, telling them what they are missing.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes, and house to CLEAN WATER.

       E. & E. Reichenbach